Continuous Blenders

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Trefa Continu Aerating Systems B.V. - Angerlo -  Producten With the Trefa blender machine it is possible to blend different ingredients in-line, on a continuous basis, into a foam. A unique advantage of this machine is the minimum of structure damage to the product, without the risk of clogging or damaging the ingredients.

If connected behind a Trefa continuous aerator the foam/mousse can be mixed on a continuous basis with:

  • Another foam/mousse
  • Solid particles of different sizes like pieces of (dried) fruit, chocolate, nuts, raisins, etc.

The ingredients are carefully mixed together in the special designed mixing head, without the risk of product damage or disturbing the delicate foam structure. The result is a very stable and homogenous end product. During this process the mixing head, if desired, can be cooled or heated. In addition, the machine can be equipped with injection point for flavour and/or colouring agents.

Naturally, the machine is designed and manufactured for hygienic processing of your products, therefore the whole machine is made of stainless steel and can be connected to a so-called CIP-system ( Cleaning In Place ).

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