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Advantages of Nitrogen generators

Connecting the compressor to the generator infeed and at the other end you receive compressed nitrogen with adjustable purity and the second outlet for the restgases which are flushed.

The Nitrogen Generator offers you the following advantages:

**The cheapest way to make your own nitrogen, when and where you need it (see also our economical comparison with the Nitrogen in Gasbottles (cylinders) and the Liquid Nitrogen).

**No wear nor maintenance since the nitrogen generators have no moving parts.

**Small and compact construction makes it easy to install even wallmounted or inside cabinets of gaspacking systems.

**Also moisture is removed from the nitrogen to a dewpoint of -30 °C.

**No logistical problems as with the nitrogen bottles.

**No technical knowledge required to be able to work with the nitrogen generator.

**No polutionLow cost and very quick pay-back of your investment.

The nitrogen can universally be used for all applications, such as gaspacking of different food products (snacks, coffee, milkpowder, potato chips, nuts, etc), production of wine, blanketing of fruitjuices/concentrates/beer, edible oils, syrups, continuous aeration of oxygen-sensitive products, storage conditions for fresh fruits (also during shipment time), etc.

However also in the pharmaceutical industry, photographic industry, paint and chemical industry and for working in clean non-corrosive environments in the electronic prints manufacturing.Depending on the requirements, there are different sizes of Nitrogen Generators available. For larger capacities we offer the NG-LA series and for smaller consumption the NG-Compact sizes. For laboratory applications we offer the NG-Micro series. Depending on availability, the NG-Compact Nitrogen Generator is also for rent. For more information please contact us again.

Sprinkle particulates onto a production line!

Trefa continu Aerating systems have developed a system to sprinkle particulates onto a production line. This can be on a constant stream, or directed with adjustable channels. The amount of flow is adjustable by a frequencycontroller. The machines are built to order and in consultation with the end users to ensure the customer buys the equipment best suited to his needs.


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