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With TREFA, up to 600 kg/h aeration on less than 0.5 m2. Always thought that a lot of space is necessary for continuous aeration machines? The newest range of TREFA aeration machines go to a capacity of approximately 600 kg/h on a floor surface of less than 0.5 m2 .

As well as a small favourably priced machine for middle and small sized companies which TREFA recently has introduced, there also was a large demand for continuous aerating machines which combine a larger capacity with a small footprint.

It appears that several customers have a lack of floor space.

The challenge for TREFA was to develop an aerating machine which uses existing proven technologies, such as a pre-mix chamber in the aerating head in combination with a small floor space.

The first prototypes made had the most simple solution: a vertical aerating head. However tests showed that this reduces the capacity and also product quality was considerably lower.


In the final configuration of the aerating machine the head has again been horizontally placed completely inside the machine, where this is less vulnerable.

The operating controls or touchscreen are placed at an ergonomically correct height so that the machine is very user-friendly.

This machine combines a capacity of up to 600 kg/h to a foot-print of only 60 * 80 cm !!

In the normal configuration such a machine covers a foot-print of 100 * 80 cm for the frame to which the head sticks out 50 cm , as a result of which the floor space occupied ends up at 150 * 80 cm .

This means that the new machine is less than half of this.

The machine can be manually controlled or automatic controlled by means of a PLC with touchscreen. The PLC also gives the possibility to store machine settings in its memory.

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