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Trefa Pre-Mixers, mix wet and dry ingredients into a homogeneous mass without aeration and are used in products such as: Cake batter, Cake-filling, Cheese Cookies, Pound Cake, Muffins, butter fat creams, bakery creams and many other applications.


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Trefa Pre-Mixers produce a more stable, homogeneous and constant pre-mix than conventional batch mixers. Each application has different stirrers (agitators) that mix the wet and dry ingredients with a minimum of air mixed in. After mixing, the mass can be pumped to a buffer tank, in order for the mixer to directly be used for the next batch.




These Trefa pre-mixers are also completely made of stainless steel and designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The machines can be connected to a so-called CIP-system ( Cleaning In Place ), or can be equipped with an integrated cleaning pump.

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